Nike PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ CD5082-100


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Product Description:
Introducing the Nike PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ CD5082-100, a basketball shoe designed to elevate your performance on the court. Inspired by Paul George’s agility and explosiveness, these shoes deliver maximum comfort and responsiveness. The ‘Oreo’ colorway adds a sleek and stylish touch to your on-court gear. Whether you are an avid basketball player or simply a fan of sleek footwear, the Nike PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ will surely catch your attention.

1. Lightweight Construction: The Nike PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ is crafted with a lightweight mesh upper, allowing for maximum breathability and flexibility during intense gameplay. This feature ensures that your feet stay cool and comfortable throughout the game.

2. All-Around Traction: The shoe’s rubber outsole is designed with a multidirectional traction pattern that enhances grip on various court surfaces. This technology ensures optimal traction and stability, enabling quick cuts and swift movements on the court.

3. Responsive Cushioning: Equipped with Nike’s innovative Air cushioning technology, the PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ delivers excellent responsiveness and impact protection. This feature allows you to jump higher, run faster, and land comfortably while minimizing the risk of injuries.

– Model: Nike PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ CD5082-100
– Colorway: White/Black
– Upper Material: Lightweight mesh
– Outsole Material: Rubber
– Closure: Lace-up
– Fit: True to size
– Cushioning: Nike Air technology
– Weight: Approx. 12 ounces (varies based on shoe size)

In summary, the Nike PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ CD5082-100 combines style and performance, making it the ideal shoe for basketball enthusiasts and athletes alike. With its lightweight design, all-around traction, and responsive cushioning, these shoes will undoubtedly enhance your game on the court. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your performance with the Nike PG 4 EP ‘Oreo’ CD5082-100.



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