Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro ‘Wizenard’ CV3469-001


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Product Description:
The Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro ‘Wizenard’ CV3469-001 is a sneaker that captures the essence of Kobe Bryant’s fearless on-court presence. Its sleek design showcases a combination of black, green, and purple colors, making it visually appealing both on and off the court. Crafted with a synthetic upper, these sneakers provide a durable and supportive fit, ensuring maximum stability during intense gameplay.

1. Zoom Air Cushioning: The Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro ‘Wizenard’ is equipped with Zoom Air technology, offering exceptional responsiveness and impact protection. This feature allows for explosive movements, providing a competitive edge for athletes.

2. Traction Pattern: The outsole of these sneakers exhibits a multidirectional traction pattern, ensuring excellent grip on various surfaces. This feature enhances quick cuts, precise footwork, and overall maneuverability.

3. Lightweight Design: Weighing less than its predecessor, the Kobe 4 Protro ‘Wizenard’ promotes agility and speed. Its lightweight construction allows for effortless movement on the court without sacrificing stability and support.

4. Durable Materials: The synthetic upper provides enhanced durability, ensuring longevity even during the toughest games. Reinforced stitching further strengthens the shoe, offering long-lasting performance.

– Style: CV3469-001
– Colorway: Black/Deep Forest/Anthracite
– Upper Material: Synthetic
– Midsole Technology: Zoom Air cushioning
– Outsole: Rubber with multidirectional traction pattern
– Closure: Lace-up
– Weight: Lightweight

In summary, the Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro ‘Wizenard’ CV3469-001 is a basketball shoe that combines style, performance, and a tribute to the incredible Kobe Bryant. With its Zoom Air cushioning, multidirectional traction pattern, and durable construction, this sneaker is designed to elevate your game to new heights. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an avid sneaker aficionado, these shoes are a must-have in your collection.



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